We are rebranding

For over a hundred years, we have worked to safeguard and promote our members’ interests. We have contributed to maintaining Norwegian competitiveness in a global world with the main focus on relationship building and business networks, and we have consistently had a vision of making international trade simple, safe and accessible to everyone.

We are passionate about creating value for our members, and our ambition has been exclusively to create growth. We promote a culture that supports and encourages collaboration and innovation, and now we have finally set aside time to apply this to our own brand.



In order to take a stronger position with our network, with our partners and with our target group, we have realized that we have had to make certain improvements that consistently convey the message we want you to associate with our brand.

In collaboration with Mediehuset Bergen, we have therefore drawn up our new visual identity, which we hope will contribute to a clear positioning, development and growth, while at the same time maintaining our identity.



Therefore welcome the new Oslo Chamber of Commerce. The same organisation, but in brand new guise.


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