Oslo Chamber of Commerce

The Oslo Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization for Norwegian companies. We make it easier to engage in international business through network building, competence enhancement and advice on international trade.

A membership organization for Norwegian companies

More than 100 years’ experience

The Oslo Chamber of Commerce has been working to protect and promote our members’ interests since its establishment in 1908. We have an international focus and offer insights and contacts via the world’s largest business network.

We stage a wide range of breakfast meetings, courses, seminars and events that are all intended to boost your professional competence and extend your network.

Our aim is to help maintain Norway’s competitiveness in a global world. Focusing primarily on relationship building and competence enhancement, the Oslo Chamber of Commerce develops a business community with an international perspective.

We foster a culture that supports and encourages cooperation and innovation.

The Oslo Chamber of Commerce can help boost profitability and competitiveness through

  • Network building
  • Competence enhancement
  • Advice
  • Export documents

Our story

When Norway gained its independence in 1905, the capital city was called Kristiania. Just three years later, in 1908, the city’s stock exchange Kristiania Børs and the business association Christiania Handelsstands Forening were the driving forces behind the establishment of the Oslo Chamber of Commerce’s forerunner, Kristiania Handelskammer.

Kristiania Handelskammer was the country’s first chamber of commerce and its purpose was clear: “to be a business council to protect and promote Kristiania’s commercial interests”. Behind the chamber’s establishment were 33 visionary business organisations from the mercantile, shipping, manufacturing, banking and finance sectors. The chamber of commerce was soon co-located with the stock exchange. In 1925, it changed its name to Oslo Handelskammer.

Originally, Oslo Handelskammer’s primary task was to lobby on behalf of the city’s business community in relation to the development and construction of communications and transport infrastructure as well as the expansion of the Port of Oslo.  As its objectives were gradually met, Oslo Handelskammer’s main focus switched to the internationalisation of the business sector.

As well as serving the business community in Oslo, Oslo Handelskammer was a driving force for the development of other parts of the Norwegian chambers of commerce movement. The Norwegian chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) was established in 1922, while the Association of Norwegian Chambers of Commerce was established in 1990 to safeguard the official position of Norway’s chambers of commerce. Through the Association of Norwegian Chambers of Commerce, the Oslo Chamber of Commerce collaborates with other chambers of commerce and business associations.

To emphasise that it is part of a global network and an international meeting place for our members, Oslo Handelskammer changed its name to the Oslo Chamber of Commerce in 2014.

Social responsibility

The Oslo Chamber of Commerce is very aware of its social responsibility and implements measures to help boost profits, while ensuring positive impacts ripple out beyond the organisation itself. At the Oslo Chamber of Commerce, we are particularly proud of our association with the “Merchants of Peace” award scheme, through our membership of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Since it was founded in the aftermath of World War I, the ICC’s vision has been that all trade should be rooted in peaceful relations. Inspired by this, the Oslo Chamber of Commerce helped to launch the Oslo Business for Peace Award in 2007. The business world’s “Nobel Prize” is awarded every year in Oslo City Hall to business leaders who contribute to peace and stability by sharing their profits with their local communities.

Visit us

St. Olavs gate 27

0166 Oslo

Access from Pilestredet

Open in Google maps


Oslo Chamber of


P.O.Box 2874, Solli

NO-0230 Oslo, Norway

Opening hours

Mon – Fri

08:30 – 15:30


The Board and boardmembers


Head of 1st Line Risk, Audun Iversen

Danske Bank

Vice Chair

CEO, and owner Grete Johanne Koht Astad

Tollkonsult AS

Board member

CEO, Ramin Shakori

Shakori WPS

Board member

Hanne Skogen

Innovasjon Norge

Board member

Marketing Manager, Marianne Ek

Øvrevoll Galopp AS

Board member

Kristian Wulfsberg Majer

Motivation Branding

Board member

Olav Godtfried Hermansen

Private member Oslo Chamber of Commerce

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