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The Oslo Chamber of Commerce makes it easier for you to run your business. We open the door to one of the world’s largest business networks.

Why become a member?

Membership of the Oslo Chamber of Commerce strengthens your business in many ways. You derive clear benefits regardless of whether you run a company, are a private individual or a student. You gain access to a global business network spanning multiple sectors, with potential business partners within easy reach among fellow members. You also gain access to advice and discounts as well as enjoying the badge of quality associated with membership of a chamber of commerce.

Our member companies represent a cross-section of Norwegian business life and a diversity of sectors, products and services.


Membership of the Oslo Chamber of Commerce can help your startup boost its competitiveness and reach profitability more quickly.

Membership is a golden opportunity for startups that have not yet made a name for themselves or established a large network. It is a badge of quality that opens doors to meeting places with potential customers and important contacts both at home and abroad.

As a startup, you will profit from access to the latest information about leading companies and markets. We stage a wide range of breakfast meetings, courses, seminars and events that are all intended to boost your professional competence.

Membership provides:

  • Access to an international meeting place and a unique global network.
  • Help to expand your network across business sectors and countries.
  • Many opportunities for free publicity.
  • Access to insights about many business sectors and markets.
  • Discounts on export documents.
  • Free, or highly discounted, access to our breakfast meetings and seminars.


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