Eura Conference 2023 – Dublin Ireland

Last week Expat Mobility was in Dublin, Ireland attending the 25th annual EURA conference. The European Relocation Association, or EURA, was established to promote the benefits that mobility services provide to companies with global employees. At its core, EURA is a professional framework on which the mobility industry continues to grow and develop.

The annual EURA conference is the meeting point for mobility professionals to share, learn, and hopefully inspire their peers, with the intention of improving the industry as a whole. Several topics were discussed through symposiums and meetings during the four-day conference. Topics such as best practices in move management, how to manage talent, and sustainability in mobility were on the agenda. One of these sessions we found particularly interesting discussed multi-cultural teams, mergers & acquisitions and the importance of intercultural skills. There is a critical need to ensure employees have the necessary intercultural skills and expertise to work internationally. There are professionals available that can provide cultural training to employees before they begin an assignment which can greatly improve the chance for a successful transition. Another session which was interesting and relevant discussed the Next Generation of Mobility Professionals. Although we are aware of generational differences in the workplace, it was refreshing to listen to voices from the new generation on what they want, expect, and how they view the future. One important takeaway is to understand that priorities change over time so we need to ensure awareness and focus is in line with reality (forward thinking). Technology, work/life balance, diversity, inclusivity and values were the key takeaways.

It was not only a great conference but a great location. Dublin is a city rich in history and folklore and easy to get around. We walked through the flower filled park at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on our way to and from the conference, and the warm hospitality of the Irish people did not disappoint. Although we are long-time EURA members this was our first EURA conference but it will certainly not be the last! It was also a conference rich in insight and inspiration, a ‘happy place’ and now we can look forward to the next EURA conference in Algarve, Portugal!

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