Explore business opportunities in India

Want to learn more about business and investments opportunites in India? Now you have the chance to get new insight into how India want to collaborate with your business.

WILGroup’s Indian team is organizing a expedition to Bangalore & New Delhi in March 2023. This event, «The partnership Journey», will help to increase understanding of how India is transforming, why many foreign investors are looking to India, and what role India is preparing to play on the international stage.

This event will be able to provide you as an investor and your business with valuable insight and concrete knowledge about opportunities to do business and financial investment in India, and bring your projects to fruition.

Join the webinar to hear Seetha Chinnappa-Sarwal and Ranjit Shastri discuss the India Partnership Journey that is planned in Delhi and Bangalore around mid-March.

Link to the webinar: Webinar India Partnership
Discover the full program here: Webinar India Partnership Journey – X-PM

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