EssCert is our electronic system for document certification. Registering a certificate of origin through essCert is a quick and simple process. The system stores your details, so you won’t need to provide them the next time you apply.

EssCert provides an overview of the documents issued to you or your company, thereby simplifying compliance and increasing control. You can apply for an account today and clearly see how the processes are streamlined.

Use the following procedure to certify documents:

  1. Create a user account at essCert.
  2. Apply to create a user profile by downloading and completing a “Formal Undertaking”.
  3. Send the completed form to
  4. You will receive an email containing login information within one working day.
  5. Complete a “Certificate of Origin” online and send that in along with supporting documents confirming origination. This could be an export invoice, for example.
  6. When the application has been approved, and the documents certified, you will be notified by email.
  7. The certified document may be printed out from your essCert user profile. Print the document on white paper.
  8. If you need a document to be signed and stamped manually, we can print it out for you. You must then complete all the information and choose “Print at the Chamber”. The manually signed and stamped document will then be sent to you by post.

The documents will be processed within three hours of their receipt, every weekday between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm.

If you would like us to certify invoices or other documents, you can easily upload these via essCert as well.

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