The eATA Carnet project aims to digitalize ATA Carnets and their lifecycle management process – from issuance and declarations to transactions and claims.

The purpose of the eATA Carnet is to validate the digital ATA Carnet concept and to demonstrate that all aspects of the ATA Carnet lifecycle management can be carried out electronically, in order to facilitate transition from a paper-based document to a digital one.

The digital carnet will be up and running in 2024, but if you would like to try how it works, you are welcome to contact us. We are now entering a preparation phase, and we need carnet holders that would like to practice together with us, and travel with the digital Carnet by using the new digital carnet together with the paper documents when you are traveling.

The preparation phase will involve processing of both the paper and digital Carnet in tandem.


Guide to help you use digital Carnets

The International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) has produced a helpful tutorial video to take you through the pilot ATA Carnet system.

ICC Digital Carnet tutorial

Step-by-step guide


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