• The goods must be owned by a physical or legal person, resident or established in a country other than the import country. The representative must not be resident in the import country.
  • The goods must not be lent or leased out.
  • The goods must not be processed in the import country.
  • The goods must be returned to the export country. Consumables cannot therefore be listed in a Carnet.
  • It must be possible to produce the goods for customs inspection upon export.
  • The goods listed in the Carnet must have been produced or have cleared customs in Norway.
  • If the ATA Carnet is to be sent with a shipper or transporter, we recommend that the person concerned be issued with an authorising document written in English.
  • An ATA Carnet can be used for ten round trips.
  • A guarantee is required for Carnets covering goods worth more than NOK 3 million.

The Oslo Chamber of Commerce advises against using the Carnet when travelling by rail, since it has proved difficult to get the Carnet duly stamped by customs officials on entry and exit.

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