An ATA Carnet can be used for goods in three main categories:

Professional equipment

The ATA Carnet applies to professional equipment for temporary use in the import country. Apart from the general conditions for Carnets, the following requirements apply:

  • The equipment must be used only for professional purposes.
  • The equipment must not be used in connection with the processing or production of goods.
  • Vehicles must be used only in connection with competitions.
  • The equipment must not be used to exploit natural resources, erect, repair or maintain buildings, for earth moving or similar.

Examples of professional equipment include:

  • cameras, audio and lighting equipment for the media and filmmakers
  • testing equipment of various types
  • tools
  • rally cars and motorcycles for use in competitions
  • horses (special rules apply – see separate section)

Commercial samples

A commercial sample is an item that is to be shown off in the import country, after which it will be taken back to Norway where it may subsequently be put into production. The following requirements are set for the use of a Carnet:

  • The goods are imported only for the purpose of presenting or demonstrating them to prospective customers in the import country.
  • The goods must have been produced outside the import country.
  • The goods must not be sold or given away.

Examples of commercial samples include garments, shoes and trial collections.

Goods for presentation at trade fairs and exhibitions

The ATA Carnet can be used for goods that are intended for display or presentation at trade fairs, exhibitions, meetings or similar events. Apart from goods that are to be exhibited or demonstrated, the ATA Carnet can also be used for stand materials, demonstration aids, multimedia equipment, etc.

Goods that are intended solely as giveaways to visitors may not be listed on the Carnet. This also applies to items intended as consumables. All goods must be brought back to Norway.

Examples of trade fair and exhibition display materials include:

  • materials for stands
  • decorations
  • advertising and demonstration materials
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