Customs requirements and regulation fees

If the goods listed in the Carnet are not brought back to Norway by its expiry date, the import country will require that the goods clear customs there.

The Oslo Chamber of Commerce will subsequently receive a demand for payment from the import country’s customs authority corresponding to 30 per cent of the goods’ value. The amount demanded comprises VAT, punitive excise duty and any accrued interest. This amount will be paid up front by the Oslo Chamber of Commerce and subsequently reclaimed from the Carnet’s holder.

This applies to goods that have remained abroad, been given away, sold or stolen while out of the country.

If the Carnet holder has not had the re-export page stamped, certain countries (including Switzerland, the USA, Singapore and Austria) demand a fee for regulating the Carnet in arrears, even when the equipment has been brought back into Norway.

Loss of the deposit and any guarantee amounts

The Carnet must always be returned to the issuing chamber of commerce after use. The deadline for returning the Carnet is five weeks after its expiry date. If the Carnet is not returned by this deadline, you will lose your deposit.

It is important to consult the chamber of commerce immediately if problems arise, so that they can help to reduce the scale of the damage along the way. It is generally too late to regulate a Carnet once it has expired.

You are recommended to obtain insurance to cover any customs demands in connection with the theft of Carnet-listed goods.

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