Price of the ATA Carnet

Prices as at 1 January 2022 (ex. VAT)

Goods value in NOK

Group 1: 0–100 000

Group 2: 100 001–1 000 000

Group 3: 1 000 001–3 000 000

Group 4: 3 000 000 >

  • The prices include one round trip.
  • When ordering multiple trips, NOK 400 will be charged per trip (max. 10 trips per Carnet).
  • For Carnets covering goods worth more than NOK 3 million, a guarantee is required.

Deposit (not liable for VAT)

Member           Non-member

NOK 3 930        NOK 3 930

Oslo Chamber of Commerce requires one deposit per Carnet. This is refunded when the Carnet is returned to the chamber of commerce, provided that it has been used in compliance with the rules.

Member           Non-member

NOK 3 440        NOK 4 120

NOK 4 390        NOK 5 170

NOK 5 530        NOK 6 520

NOK 7 180        NOK 8 490

Other prices


Applies to Carnets that must be issued by the close of business on the following working day. Orders must be received by us before 3.30 pm.


Applies to changes after we have drawn up the Carnet. Note: Changes cannot be made to ATA Carnets that have been opened by the customs authorities.

Uncollected or cancelled Carnets*

*) It is only possible to cancel an ATA Carnet if the document is still in the hands of the OCC. If your ATA Carnet has been put in the post or collected, it can no longer be cancelled.

Guarantee amounts

In some cases, the customer must provide a guarantee corresponding to 30 per cent of the value of the goods listed in the Carnet. This applies to:

  • private individuals
  • companies that have previously misused Carnets or have a low credit rating.
  • Carnets for goods valued at more than NOK 3 million (with certain exceptions)

The amount must either be transferred to the chamber of commerce’s guarantee account. Otherwise, a bank guarantee must be provided.

Billing and return of deposits and guarantee amounts

The Carnet costs set out in the invoice must be paid in full. This also applies when the Carnet has already been returned to the chamber of commerce after the trip has been completed.

The deposit (and guarantee amount) will be refunded if the Carnet has been used correctly and returned no later than five weeks after its expiry date

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